Sure, you can go online and search how to do a styled shoot. You'll get a bunch of blog posts + simple checklists. Maybe a confusing outline or mood board template without any explanation. But that's about it. 
There is a better way! We're going to be sharing our step-by-step process that will guide you through designing, planning and executing a shoot that you can use to add value to your business for years to come, even past publication. 

Looking to design + plan amazing styled shoots that will have lasting value for your business?

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Submission Checklist

Design Process 

Visual Shot List


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How to reach out to new vendors, venues and partners so they'll be jumping at the chance to work with you!

An all-in-one checklist and rundown
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Our guide to creating a cohesive photo directive, complete with instructions and templates.

Not just another template, we'll show our entire process for designing our shoots, from concept to mood board.